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Sourcing only the finest natural ingredients from across the globe, our range of savoury snacks are sure to really hit the spot! Seasoned with some irresistible flavour combinations, you'll find our Japanese Style Wasabi Peas and Malaysian Style Sweet Chilli Edamame Beans a truly satisfying eat whether at home or on the move. What's more, they're high in fibre and a source of protein and minerals.


Humdinger Vibrant Veg Japanese Style Wasabi Peas (150g) 

Humdinger Wasabi Peas
Nutrient Per 100g  
Energy 1700kJ/406kcal  
Fat 13.6g  
  of which saturates 4.9g  
Carbohydrate 46.5g  
  of which sugars 9.6g  
Fibre 18.0g  
Protein 15.3g  
Salt 1.4g  
Where to buy
ASDATesco WaitroseHealth Store 


Humdinger Thai Style Sweet Chilli Edamame Beans
Nutrient Per 100g  
Energy 1966kJ/472kcal  
Fat 26.1g  
  of which saturates 3.2g  
Carbohydrate 17.9g  
  of which sugars 45.1g  
Fibre 10.8g  
Protein 34.5g  
Salt 0.5g  
Where to buy
Tesco  WaitroseThe Health Store

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