​Humdinger Limited is one of the leading innovators in UK natural snacks manufacturing an extensive range of products. Humdinger Limited operates three factories and one external warehouse in both Hull and Heckington. It is the policy of Humdinger Limited to operate in a safe, responsible manner, which respects the environment in which we operate. In recognition of our significant environmental aspects, which include the purchase and use of raw materials, utilities and the generation of waste, we will:

  • Be fully compliant with all applicable environmental requirements be it legal or otherwise. This is related to our significant environmental aspects at local, national and European level, whilst not compromising environmental values for profit or production. This will include the prevention of pollution.
  • Progressively establish, develop, implement and maintain our environmental management system to a recognised standard.
  • Consider our significant environmental aspects within our planning, operational and processing decisions.
  • Liaise with our suppliers, contractors and customers to find practical and mutually cost effective ways to minimise the environmental impacts of common concern. This will assist us in our quest for continuous and sustainable improvement.
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance, through the setting and reviewing of objectives and targets with our commitment to pollution prevention, and to reduce our significant impacts on the environment and to be compliant with legislation.
  • Promote environmental awareness, including this policy, amongst our employees and those who work for or on our behalf to increase understanding of environmental issues. All employees are expected to understand, promote and assist with the implementation of this policy.

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