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Sunsweet prune juicePrune juice with an extra boost

Sunsweet prune juice is a functional juice that is available in a light, user friendly 1lt PET bottle. Sunsweet prune juice is 100% natural, it has no added sugar or preservatives and can be used to supplement a balanced diet and to maintain digestive health. Sunsweet prune juice is twice as effective as any other prune juice due to its high sorbitol content¹.

Sorbitol is a natural fruit sugar that aids healthy bowel function. It is a natural compound that is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. As a consequence of this slow absorption, the sorbitol tends to hold onto some water as it passes through the gut.


There is always room for more innovation in this category, not only in packaging design and style but in terms of emerging flavours, blends, formats and functionality.

“This is particularly true for drinks that are deemed to have health benefits and we will no doubt see a new generation of superfruits coming into this arena,” adds Ann Slein European sales & marketing director at Sunsweet.

“I anticipate a further move to convenience, practicality and smaller packs. Environmentally friendly packs, drinks with less sugar and no artificial colours or preservatives seem to be influencing the sector.

“Predictions – Bubble tea is a sweetened, flavoured, iced tea drink with large, chewy, tapioca pearls in it that you drink up through the straw. I have heard a lot about this drink and it sounds fun – I wonder if it will work in the UK market?!”

In terms of effective retailing within the soft drinks sector, Slein believes keeping well stocked is key. She says: “Make it easy for the consumer to find the product, keep all variants and sizes side by side so the consumer can make a fully informed purchasing decision in one aisle, instead of them having to trawl the supermarket to find the different variants/sizes.

¹Accredited analysis of (Eurofins) carried out on Sunsweet and competitor products

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